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Jul 12, 2012 5:00pm EDT
worked for cnn. so maybe brian's mother can watch that, too and doubled the viewership. [laughter] bill o'reilly was at my house for dinner the other night. last not know, it's fine. it's fine. there were lots of people there. i told bill o'reilly once, i love watching fox. but any conservative can be on fox. i'm on cnn. so i parachute in behind enemy lines twice a week. it sits on a panel of 14 people to get forward saying. he said maybe was sean hannity. sean hannity says very courageous of you, bill. they are an anonymous at the u.n. very you. no one is watching. what happened thursday was a travesty. i cannot tell you how disappointed i am that john roberts. i cannot tell you how disappointed i am. [applause] and i'm going to tell you why. because i know him. i have a lot of friends of his, friends of mine. i had dinner with him, i did make them public. i'm going to do that, but i expect them to some people who were in the business of advising people who are betting because in 1990 i heard the name david souter and i read up on david souter. i was a drug czar at the time and i called
Jul 24, 2012 12:00pm EDT
-span2 at 1:00, cnn correspondents judy woodruff and gwen hill will speak. they are coanchoring the upcoming coverage of the democratic national convention. their remarks start 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. >>> earlier today on capitol hill consumer financial director bureau richard cordray testified before the house oversight subcommittee on financial services about consumer access to credit. until 1:00 we'll show you a portion of director cordray's testimony beginning with his opening statement. >> thank you, chairman mchenry, ranking member quigley and members of the subcommittee. thank you for inviting me back today to talk about the importance of the availability of credit. at the consumer financial protection bureau we know that access to credit means access to opportunities. mortgages allow people to buy a home and spread the payments over years. student loans give people access to further education and credit cards give people immediate and convenient access to money when they need it. these products can help people achieve their dreams. unfortunately the financial crisi
Jul 3, 2012 5:00pm EDT
litigation in late march, deribed by cnn's jeffrey in as a trai t nitiwee rekibot d he sme cecisnast thay o obamacare's individual mandate not on commce clause grounds that congress's taxing power. no h tk ten ou matido chjueer d a e rtr rausce said in effect if it works for the chief it will work for us whatever our reservations may be. ree tok sinlasith ka's rmraef the decision came down and in the pro and con panels the ual tihepl sre ugthmews w drothat perspective to zero in on this decision to draw out as much as we can ithe time we have to do so and spreedo inucr l 'mnginucac earefe speaks starting with randy barnett. i will give a very brief introduction to eacofur bserebi ngisnguied. y et theat esofegal theory at georgetown university and law center where he teaches constitutional law and contract and also taught criminal evcey rtnehips spnc vingfe ae er onnan h wtearrd l school in 2008, he was awarded a fellowship in constitutional studies. he is the graduef noes ursand arwl. teadngvae se aosoheoo unta attorney's office. in 2004 he appeared before the
Jul 4, 2012 5:00pm EDT
a gring cnn ner ifoo tinaby ibthwastou ll aowt be diisfaction. bears are satisfied with the government thaanytime you g nflict, anytime you'veot a a pun,prde wh g t happen in parts of north africa. so somalia we have been focused on for years and we are doing i think an adequate job forn d ks lrtou rialhe rtri'mttmoe ieou m nneouca nigeria. it tells you a lot about the al qaeda affiliates and our adversaries. if you k a te calua asll edio er o w,doni institutions. i believe that frica offers a lot of promise, a lot of opportunity if you look at the lianana.soof euie thdlat su growing, that is really challenging the status quo. i spent 10 years in africa's different countrs in some respects i'mvpsitibo afriutnogihe i evatty tid. u.eeo th look at the chinese, the indians and russians, others that are in their competing. in these capital markets and eeere rty. u.eeo nhe. itott rn, mps yours, private enterprise, they goes into places like africa and affords the opportye pabilitiesor icto aisouory etere g k mean hsp t raluhatha ior ir al iemkere en cosswh seg eiization and interferi
Jul 13, 2012 5:00pm EDT
to the public 0: 07. wdart have reports on cnn n and fox news channel that incorrectly character highed what the holders were. people in the main officeread thedecision the same ay th oplen theprs fferw reg sonk that it's always nice when news organization want to cover the cour and i always preciate whenlocal news organizations go down to washington cover big cases from, you know, out in the sticks. erthe casris fom timetmn in, , or ohe sticks to report on the case and learn what the facts of the case are. and then write articles tabts in the "washington post" and the new "the new york times" or such. i think haing mor prss coressall e be. edvaleo the public serves as a role as well. hopefully the the court will be ready next time. >> our viewers and listeners know to go tohese thee inntman r hei ert clark, i saw your ha first. sorry if'm discriminating. viqst questions ago. if you look at conformation hearings for judge roberts the dominate theme of those hearings was republican concern abut restrain effor. andsomat uzbohe bealth field because -- that's what they got. do you see dissonanc
Jul 31, 2012 5:00pm EDT
's told cnn that "we think it's not an accident. they wanted to do harm and then ended up killing my father." that's a direct quote. paya's loved ones and the cuban people and the international community deserve to have all the facts surrounding this tragic event examined and put out in the public. and that's why i've introduced along with a number of our colleagues s. res. 525 which honors the life, legacy and exemplary leadership of oswaldo paya. this resolution calls on the cuban government to allow a third-party investigation into the accident. i urge the senate to unanimously pass this resolution. this request comes on the heels of other disturbing news out of cuba. we've learned that more than 40 pro-democracy activists were detained after paya's funeral last tuesday. the reason? they dared to shout "freedom" during the ceremony. and reports also indicate that several of the dissidents were severely beaten. these peaceful activists are only honoring one of their own, and it ended up -- they ended up as victims of an authoritarian regime. so now more than ever before the united
Jul 19, 2012 5:00pm EDT
house, pentagon, fbi. why is this going on? we want to know. and for that, msnbc, cnn, all usual suspects have been lighting up dress and say we are going after individual personalities and being mean to muslims. this has nothing to do with the means to muslims. a lot of muslims are upset about radical terrorists, too. we believe the administration needs to keep the safety and security of the american people number one. so that is why i am in trouble now today. everyday i'm in in trouble for some pain. who cares. >> congresswoman, thank you for being here. martin from sneads state and alabama. i'm going to make a couple comments and i want to ask a question. i grew up in a private school up until the third grade and then i went to public school. i feel like the education of our generation is deteriorating under the public school system. and i listened to david hartman a couple weeks ago when he goes around and talks about the christian fundamental values that has been placed in our founding fathers and how they taught that in our first congress made a viable, the congressional bi
Jul 30, 2012 8:30am EDT
. a colleague of mine from cnn coined the phrase that dr. no finally got a yes. he has, ron paul has been pushing this bill to audit the fed for quite some time, and it did pass the house by a fairly, by a fairly partisan vote. i don't know the exact numbers off the top of my head. his son, rand paul, the senator from kentucky, is pushing the bill in the senate. but as of now it's, it's sort of an outlier issue for the senate and is probably not going to receive a vote there unless senator paul has been pretty, pretty tough in his fights so far. so he may try to get a vote on it as an amendment to one of the bills that sort of they'll have to tackle in the next two to three months. >> host: from fox news, the final vote was 327-98. lost in the bipartisan revelry, however, was the fact that eight cosponsors, democrats, actually voted against it. [laughter] >> guest: actually, so, i stand corrected. that was a big win for dr. paul. it was, you know, probably one of his most important legislative victories so far. now, will it become law? probably not. but the issue about the fed, its hand h
Jul 9, 2012 12:00pm EDT
to interview her. the guardian, bbc, cnn, she became a bit of a celebrity in the journalism world. then one day in june a relative of hers posted on her blog that she had been kidnapped by state security or something like that. immediately people began to mobilize. they began to put together facebook pages to support her cause, creating avenue tars for people to news solidarity. some organized protests at the syrian embassies. y was very -- was very interested in finding people who knew her to find a sense of how much danger she might truly be in. as i started asking around i started getting messages from my contacts in syria and they were saying well, i'm part of the local gay community here and i never heard of here. others would say i haven't met her. each would pass me onto someone else. i got to the point i was saying does anyone know anyone who has met her in person? it final by -- finely got to the point where i contacted the reporter at the guardian who did the very first interview, interviewed her in person and he said what can you tell me about this person. what they told me is that t
Jul 31, 2012 12:00pm EDT
for many young people across the country, and as cnn stated in a headline from july 29, just two days ago, "your health care is covered" they said, "but who's going to treat you?" the president and washington democrats did not seem interested in addressing this question when the health care law was passed and more effort was putting into hiring i.r.s. agents to look into your, whether you had insurance than actually to see if there were doctors and nurses and nurse practitioners, and others, physician assistants to care for you. so instead of focusing on policies that would give incentives for more people to become health care providers, they filled their law with empty promises that the american people know today have not been kept. it is time for congress to repeal the president's health care law, replace it with real reforms that will improve the ability of patients to get the care they need from a doctor they choose at lower cost. that's, mr. president, why i come to the floor with a doctor's second opinion about a health care law which, as "the new york times" sunday front page said,
Jul 17, 2012 12:00pm EDT
. she told cnn's wolf blitzer the following -- and i quote -- "we have internally set it up so that the parents are not referred for immigration enforcement if the young person comes in for deferred action." now, i wasn't born yesterday. this administration is going to give a benefit to immigrants here illegally and then force his or her parents to leave the country, which begs the question: what will they do if the young people are eligible and receives deferred action but the parents is a criminal, a gang member or a sex offender? because this program hasn't been well thought out and because it's being rushed to benefit people by the end of the year, there's no doubt that fraud will be a problem. how will federal officials who process the applications ensure that information provided by the individual is accurate? how will they verify that one truly entered the country before the age of 16 or currently under the age of -- or are currently under the age of 30? homeland security officials act as though they're prepared to handle the influx of counterfeit documents that will be
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11